The Story

In 2005 four talented young chefs left for New York, asked to cook at an event in Central Park. They enjoyed working together and the guests really appreciated the food. One of the guests was so enthusiastic he booked the four chefs for another event i Los Angeles. The idea of “The Flying Culinary Circus” was created.
Fast forward – The chefs have now, eleven years later, travelled to more than 52 countries all over the world. They have cooked in Cannes, Miami, Moscow, Saint Barth, Singapore, Cape Town and the list goes on and on. Royalties as well as celebrities like Shakira, The Black Eyed Peas, Pharell Williams and Eva Longoria, have tremendously enjoyed the culinary concept the chefs offer.… But, as the chefs say “It’s not about how famous our guests are, it is all about sharing the fun of cooking»

The Concept

Gourmetfood + show + surprises = The Flying Culinary Circus


Flying Culinary Circus’ creative kitchen is a mix of innovation and tradition. The dishes are inspired of both their country of origin, Norway, as well as their experiences from travelling the world.


The Flying Culinary Circus loves entertaining as well as inspiring their guests. Exciting presentations of the dishes, new techniques and the chefs’ interaction with the guests creates a unique and unforgettable experience.


The chefs always come up with exiting surprises for the guests, hereunder we could mention
* arriving by parachutes, serving the guest directly after landing.
* Arriving the event seaways, dressed in wetsuits preparing scallops
* Food flambé with a giant torch, setting fire to one of the chefs.

Trond Svendgård

*1980/fish- and seafood expert

Trond was born far up north in Norway, in the heart of the Norwegian fishing paradise. Trond was taught by some of the world’s most famous chefs at the Gastronomic Institute. He has furthermore been a part of the Norwegian national team in cooking, and he played a significant part at the team which won gold in Bocuse d’Or 2003 (Unofficial world championships)

Mathias Spieler Bugge

*1985 Soup and sauce expert

Mathias went to France, at young age, with the mission to learn all there was to know about their famous cusine. After a couple of years employed by exclusive hotels in Singapore and Dubai, his talent for sauce was spotted by the Michelin awarded restaurant Bagatelle in

Tor Jørgen Kamprud Arnesen

*1981 / Herbs and vegetables expert

Tor spent most of his childhood in a greenhouse, and he knows everything there is to know about herbs and vegetables you never even knew existed. His competence in this field of cooking has made him a sought chef by celebrities all over the world.

Hans Kristian Larsen

*1982/meat and poultry expert

When educated as butcher, Hans went travelling the world in order to learn more about his area of expertise. He has amongst other places worked at Kevin Costner’s restaurant in Santa Barbara, and was head of meat at the Michelin awarded restaurant Bagatelle in Oslo.