The Fruit And Vegetable All-Rounder


This our fruit and vegetables expert, Tor’s, favourite all-round knife for turning and other smaller jobs.


The Chef Knives are the only tools we bring on our gigs around the world. In our knife collection there has always been that one super sharp knife we’ve all been fighting over; the knife with the porcelain blade. The biggest chef in our group, Tor, has always won this fight, which has led to some frustration among the rest of us. So, without telling Tor, we have developed our own series of porcelain knives to end the knife fights once and for all. The only thing we noe fight about is who will do the cutting jobs.

Our porcelain knives are made of a very hard porcelain, which means our knives just precedes diamond on Mohs scale of hardness. Porcelain knives will stay sharp much longer than traditional steel knives, they will never rust and doesn’t change taste or colour on the food you’re cutting. They are light weight and easy to clean.

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 27 x 8.2 x 3.0 cm


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